Best Sellers at Halloween Horror Shop

When shopping online it can be tricky to see which products are for you. But thanks to our fantastic website here at Halloween Horror Shop, with detailed photos, videos, in depth descriptions and blogs, it’s never been easier to choose and buy your new Halloween decorations online!

If you’re needing a little inspiration before choosing your new décor products this year, or if you want to see the most popular items we sell here at Halloween Horror Shop, this blog is for you!
Here we have put together a list of our best selling items to show what our customers are loving at the minute!


Let’s start with some lighting ideas!
LED lights are the perfect addition to your home or party venue to instantly brighten up the space and create the best spooky atmosphere!
Here are some of the best-selling lighting products right now if you’re looking for Halloween Light inspiration!

Our 200 Green LED Halloween Lights feature ‘supabright’ bulbs so are perfect for illuminating the rooms of your home and all of your Halloween displays. They have multi action settings so you can apply the function that’s right for you, making them very versatile lights!

If you want to go for traditional, eerie lighting at Halloween, our Pack of 50 Tealights Candles will do the trick! Ideal for placing in pumpkins or for adding a subtle spooky glow to your home. This large pack of 50 will last you all through the spooky season!



Many of our best sellers can be found in our Halloween Decorations collection. These are perfect for adding simple and effective décor to your home and are perfect for trimming up a kids Halloween party!


Our Flying Halloween Ghost is a fantastic item that will be great for any home! Stretch the cord over a doorway or through a room and watch him glide along, turn around, and come back again, emitting an eerie sound as he goes! We think the whole family will really love this addition to your home this Halloween!


Make sure your party table looks the part with more of our best-selling items. Our Bloody Detailed Tablecloth will give the best backdrop to your buffet table! Or how about adding our Pumpkin Design Sweetie Bucket? Great for serving snacks and treats in your home, or is also great for the kids to take out trick or treating!


Make sure your family and party guests have somewhere great to put their tasty party food and drinks. These will go down a treat, and the fun, bright coloured Halloween designs will be loved by all your guests, young and old!
Here we have our Skeleton Party Plates and Party Cups, both available in packs of 6.



We have some superb wall decorations in our best-selling collection. Not only are these perfect for adding interest to a wall in your home, these can also be draped over windows and doors to help keep your scary theme running throughout the house! Here we have our Bloody Keep Out Decoration and our Creepy Black Wall Decorative Cover.



We have some fantastic hassle-free decorations such as our Halloween Fright Tape and Party Bunting that will instantly add a party atmosphere to any location. Place along doors, windows, walls, gates and fences, to brighten up your space ready for some spooky celebrations!


We’ve thought of everything with our stock of home decorations, and we’ve got décor for all rooms of the home… including the bathroom! Here we have our 1.8m Help Me Scary Shower Curtain, great for keeping the freaky feel running through the whole house, for the whole family to enjoy!



Our spook-tacular Halloween Props are larger decorations that will help to add a frightening atmosphere to your home. These are perfect for keeping adults and older children on their toes throughout Halloween!


For a gory, zombie themed display, why not try some of our bestselling Halloween Props such our Animated Shaking Workman. He has freaky built in red LED eyes, so will give everyone a scare in both the day and night! It is also sound activated so is sure to be the talking point of your party!




Are you already starting to think about your Halloween fancy dress costume? If the answer is yes, and we hope it is, why not complete your outfit with some of our best-selling Halloween Fancy Dress Accessories?

One of our top sellers is our Adult Vampire Cape. Available in one size, this is a versatile costume accessory which is perfect for complementing your vampire outfits! Or for those opting for a devil fancy dress this year, why not give our Glitter Devil Horns a try?




Fake blood always comes in handy during Halloween, so make sure you stock up with plenty of packs of our Gory Fake Blood! Whether you’re choosing a zombie, vampire, witch, ghoul or more, our blood makeup accessory will come in for the whole family!


We hope this blog will give you a little inspiration when you come to start your décor shopping this year. Here are just a handful of the best-selling decorations here at Halloween Horror Shop at the moment, but head over to our full site to view our full ranges of decorations, props, lights, inflatables and more!